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"One of the most constructive weekends I've ever had.  I am so grateful.  It was such an eye-opener, both on a personal level and all round.  I am still seeing the benefits today and gaining constant further understanding of content covered.  Absolutely beneficial to anyone looking to have a better personal understanding and acceptance that in turn facilitates a greater appreciation of how you relate to everything and everyone. Thanks so much."

"On every course I've been to I have discovered something of huge significance, something... was made abundantly clear and enabled me to make much sense of my everyday life."

"It exceeded all expectations.  Coupled with the beautiful and peaceful surroundings, the workshop provided a supportive, warm, calm and safe environment for explorations, discussion - allowing experiential engagement.  Thanks so much!  It literally changed my life."

"The best thing I've ever done in my life."

"On every course I have been to, I have discovered something of a huge significance."

"Extraordinarily enlightening.  I feel as if I have a much more solid foundation with which to work now."

"The weekend finally made sense of what I've been doing... ready now to do things differently.  A wonderful inspiring experience."

"I was very nervous to work in a group but I found it an extremely powerful and supportive experience."

"Sally has an extraordinary ability to make one feel relaxed... very rewarding and enlightening... can't wait for the next one."

"My experience was very useful, supportive and inspirational.  I was given the opportunity and guidance to further explore my self in relationships.  I was able to evaluate concisely my life experiences and behaviours.  I was then able to work out strategies to make the choice to change these behaviours.  Thank you!"

"Very useful, fun, eye opening, structured.  I learnt some key things about myself that have made me observe myself more.  It was definitely a positive experience."

"A welcome series of light bulb moments."

"I had a fantastic experience.  Really helped me to start understanding who I am and why I am like I am.  More importantly, the knowledge I have gained is helping me to communicate more positively in my marriage."

"I had thought that my 'stuff' was so deep-seated that I'd never be able to deal with it - but came away feeling hopeful that I might, where I had felt really helpless."

"A good opportunity to focus on my needs from a relationship and to listen to other people's perspectives."

"It was a very positive experience.  I felt supported throughout the weekend.  It has helped me clarify many things and given me the confidence to make changes."

"It was very moving and informative.  Sally's style was spot on."

"I found the workshop challenging and enlightening.  An incredibly positive and humbling experience."

"I had no idea that group therapy would be so rewarding.  I am shy and a private person and did not expect to enjoy the group so much.  I found the whole process truly helpful and feel much better prepared for all my relationships after this experience."

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