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Relationship Workshops

Why consider a Relationship Workshop?

When did you last have the time and space to think about yourself?  And why should this feel like a "luxury" when it's actually an essential?

If you're totally aware as to what motivates your thoughts and behaviours in a relationship you will not need us.  However, if you're

  • Stuck in a groove of doing the same things that have not worked in the past
  • Unable to break free from limiting and self-defeating behaviours
  • Struggling to understand and be understood
  • Afraid that your problems are becoming destructive or overwhelming

...we believe our weekend workshops in idyllic Suffolk or Central London can help.

Running from 10.00 till 17.00 daily, our weekend workshops are open to people who are single and to people currently in a relationship (Although couples cannot attend together they can attend the workshops separately on different weekends).

Whilst attendees find it hugely helpful to listen to other's perspectives, in order to give you the support you need we take a maximum of 6 people who

  • Are unhappy or dissatisfied in relationships
  • Have just ended a relationship and wish the next one to be different
  • Are reluctantly single over long periods of time or
  • Are encountering the same problems in relationships again and again

Have we just described your situation?  Why delay further about doing something to achieve better outcomes for yourself and your present or future partner when the answer is just a click away?

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