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Relationship Workshop 2

Reflections and Integration

After you have taken part in Workshop 1 you may find that there are issues concerning your relationships that you want to explore further.

Maybe new challenges have arisen which you think might benefit from being shared with a small confidential group of people all of whom will have already taken part in Workshop 1 - Understand Your Self In Relationships.

Workshop 2 – 'Reflections and Integration' is an ongoing workshop which runs a few times each year.  You can attend just once or several times. In fact whenever you feel you could benefit from exploring current relationship issues.  Issues, perhaps, that can come up in the normal course of everyday life and also any specific concerns you may have about some aspect or area of your relationship.

Because it is only open to those who have attended Workshop 1, everyone in the group will have the knowledge and understanding of how relationships work, gained in that workshop, and the experience of a supportive and empathic group environment.

This weekend workshop provides a safe and supportive space where you can discuss your current relationship experiences and concerns, and the opportunity to look into what's going on, or not going on, in your relationships.

Over the course of the weekend you will be able to discuss and work through your relationship issues and to build on your understanding of your present relationship experiences and gain a deeper awareness of your relationships.

Fees -  £245 for Workshops in Suffolk 
  £335 for Workshops in London 

Please register by completing our Registration Form and posting it to us.

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