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Relationship Workshop 1

Understand Your Self In Relationships

When each of us is a complex self - driven by emotions, beliefs, background and history – it's little wonder that relationships are ideal places for drama, misunderstanding, confusion and hurt.

And when this is continual it is exhausting, disappointing and isolating.  Particularly when it appears that every couple around you seems to have got it right...

So, we provide the space, the time and the support to think about and explore where you are right now, why you are in that place and how to make changes for the future.

In detail we cover:

  • The drivers in your relationship and why you choose the partners you do.
  • How to navigate through relationship difficulties without experiencing feelings of hurt or blame.
  • How your past experiences have shaped your present needs and behaviour, and how they can influence your relationship approach.
  • How you can recognise and interpret certain patterns of behaviour that may be getting in the way of you building a better relationship.
  • Ways of resolving conflict without drama or confusion.
  • Establishing and maintaining openness and communication with your partner.

By the end of the weekend we are confident that you'll have gained an awareness which will help you to understand the potential for doing things differently.

Within the price, you will be further given a complementary post workshop opportunity to review your experience and clarify your identified aims via a 50 minute telephone coaching session.

Does it work?  We'll let one of our workshop attendees answer that question for us:

"One of the most constructive weekends I've ever had.  I am so grateful.  It was such an eye-opener, both on a personal level and all round.  I am still seeing the benefits today and gaining constant further understanding of content covered."

Our workshops do tend to fill quickly so please book your preferred date as soon as possible:

Fees -  £245 for Workshops in Suffolk 
  £335 for Workshops in London 

OR you can register by completing our Registration Form and posting it to us.

After you have taken part in this Workshop there may be issues concerning your relationships that you would like to explore further.  Our Workshop 2 - Reflections And Integration provides a safe supportive opportunity to do this.

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