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Individual Relationship Therapy

Individual Relationship Therapy provides a structured space where you can explore difficult and often painful emotions and experiences.  Relationship therapy sessions provide an opportunity to explore recurring patterns of behaviour in your relationships or perhaps your lack of ongoing relationships.

With individual therapy you can talk through these emotions and experiences, exploring your feelings, thoughts and behaviour and relevant aspects of your personal history with a skilled and experienced practitioner in order to gain understanding and resolution.  There is then the potential to do things differently and have the relationships you would like to have.

Sessions take place in Suffolk or London or by telephone or Skype.  Sessions are usually on a weekly basis, at the same time and on the same day each week.  If this is not possible due to work, family or financial constraints we can discuss this and find a way of working that suits each individual.

Fees - £70 (per 50-minute session).

Individual Relationship Therapy

Please contact us at the Centre:

by phone: 01449 736 589
by email: info@centreforrelationships.co.uk
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