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Couples Therapy

When couples are facing difficulties in their relationship it is often the case that communication has broken down and anger, hurt and blame have come to the surface.  Couples Therapy is a way of opening up communication, allowing each of the couple to be heard and allowing each of the couple to tell of their experience.

The therapist facilitates the process, enabling better understanding of the underlying issues that are getting in the way of a contented relationship.  Couples Therapy provides a safe professional space to explore the difficulties you are experiencing as a couple.

We also work with people who are ending a marriage or a long term relationship.  Couples Therapy can help people going through this painful process to overcome emotional difficulties and develop the confidence to rebuild their lives.  Sessions take place in Suffolk and London.

Fees - £80 (per 50-minute session).

Couples Therapy

Please contact us at the Centre:

by phone: 01449 736 589
by email: info@centreforrelationships.co.uk
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