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Welcome to the Centre For Relationships

Why is it that many of us seek guidance and training for our professional lives yet never give a thought to doing this for our personal lives?

No wonder we struggle to make relationships work and keep them working.

It IS possible of course; happy and fulfilled couples around us are testament to this.

But we all know people who have practically given up on having a relationship because in the past:

  • The same problems keep getting in the way
  • Their relationships always end in failure
  • Their relationships are confusing and unfulfilling

And there are those people who find their relationships are:

  • Difficult or frustrating
  • Dead-end
  • Making them unhappy

Is this you?  Honestly, it doesn't have to be like that.  You see, if you know what is going on you can start making the right choices...

Working in rural Suffolk and Central London, we are skilled and experienced practitioners who provide help to develop your understanding of relationship issues and an improved ability to deal with problems as they arise through:

Here's why we think you should stop wishing "if only" and take the first positive step by contacting us today:

"The weekend finally made sense of what I've been doing... ready now to do things differently.  A wonderful, inspiring experience."

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